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still alive...

Hello. :)
Still kicking. Will write something nice soon, maybe also with a cartoon.
Hope everybody is doing OK.

Been Doodling...(TG "Day Off Special))

Ta daa. I blame the caffeine.

Stig's day off 2

Clarkson's day off 2

Hammond's day off 2

Sunday Comics

 This just in, Whoserfans...

(Deet deet... deet deet deet...deet...{insert obsolete noise of a tickertape machine. You heard me. Look it up.}.)

Due to the fact that Lungland has been invaded by East Influenza and the subsequent bombing of the art factory to the north, distribution of this week's strip has been delayed by several hours. Stay tuned for updates as my pancreas tries to smuggle the infamous documents to the border! (Say around 3pm Eastern US time.)

Thanks for the support, Peeps!

Love's Language

Title: Love's Language
Authors: Luvstoriesatstoplights and Blindlyluv
Wordcount: 3054
Rating: PG
Summary: Our boys stumble across a secret. Will they break the code in time?
Disclaimer: We own only our silly words...

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Songfic: Walk On The Ocean

Hidey-ho, peeps.

I was feeling creative and..."at sea", if you will...

Enjoy a lil fic based on an old song by Toad The Wet Sprocket

(The shortest fic to ever get a toon.)

Title: Walk On The Ocean
Author: LuvstoriesAtStoplights


Walk On The Ocean...Collapse )

New! From Luke & his dad!

Greetings, all! I'm new, but I found this nifty mini-flick made by the young Mr. Mochrie, starring his Dad, and wanted to share it. You will laugh till you cry! This is fantastic!

hi there

Hello....testing, 1,2,3....